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Accidents, Injuries, and Friday the Thirteenths – Miami Personal Injury Attorney News

Miami Personal Injury Attorney News: Happy National Accident Day!  That is, if you happen to be living in Finland.  In this Nordic country, today is a day to raise awareness for all manner of accidents.  But here in the U.S., it’s just another unlucky Friday the 13th. Although studies have not shown much to support today […]

Carpool Redesigned: A Florida Woman Takes Carpool To Whole New Depths

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Miami Personal Injury Attorney News: A Florida woman takes carpool to whole new depths in a good reminder to always check your car’s gear.

Earlier this month, a woman forgot to shift her car into park while she ran back to her apartment for something she’d forgotten. The car rolled down the incline it was […]

A Miami Personal Injury Lawyer’s Guide to A Safe Selfie

Miami Personal Injury Lawyer News: Your hair is done just right, you look good and you just have to share. So, you take out your phone and start snapping a selfie or two – or twenty. According to TIME, Miami is the third most popular city for selfies in the world and one study found that the […]

April Fools Charter Turns Deadly – Miami Personal Injury Attorney News

Miami Personal Injury Attorney News: As the weather warms and three o’clock showers become the norm, the waters around Miami have started to fill with boats. While many Miami natives have their own boats or enjoy going out on friends’ boats, some will join with the tourists and charter boats for a day at […]

Missing Safety Barrier Destroys Tesla – Miami Personal Injury Lawyer

Miami Personal Injury Lawyer News: Tesla is making the news for a car accident for the second time this year, but the damage may not be their fault.

The electric motor company equips their vehicles with partial autopilot. This technology allows the car to stay centered in lanes, switch lanes, and brake of its own accord. […]