Can I Sue for a Cruise Ship Accident in South Florida?

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cruise ship accident south florida
cruise ship accident south florida

Personal injury accidents can occur at any time, in any location. This includes while you are on vacation. The last thing you might be expecting is to sustain a serious injury, but it is an unfortunate reality for many people every year. If you or a loved one have been injured in a cruise ship accident in South Florida, please read on, then contact an experienced Miami cruise ship accident lawyer today.

Who is responsible for a cruise ship accident in South Florida?

Please note that when you purchase a ticket and board a cruise ship, you automatically accept the cruise line’s contract, which is typically in fine print on the bottom of your ticket. By legally consenting to the terms of the cruise line, injured parties may be barred from pursuing certain claims against the cruise line, especially if it is one of the larger cruise lines.

However, these contracts do not protect the cruise line from every personal injury claim – only those the carrier or cruise line employees had not caused or contributed to. A cruise ship owes its passengers a duty of safe transportation. Passengers who are injured aboard a ship may file suit against:

  • The owner of the cruise ship
  • The company that chartered the cruise ship
  • The company that operated the cruise ship, or
  • The company that sold the ticket as an agent of the cruise ship owner, charter or operator

What can and can’t you sue for after a cruise ship accident in South Florida?

Examples of the types of injuries you can sue for are as follows:

  • Torn carpeting caused a fall
  • A loose handrail caused a tumble down the stairs
  • Proper signage was not used to alert guests to avoid an area or use caution

Conversely, if the injury was entirely your own fault or due to your own carelessness, you will not have a case. Thus, you can’t sue if you:

  • Drank too much alcohol and tripped down the stairs
  • Were fooling around in an area blocked off to guests with proper signage
  • Did not follow proper instructions and fell

Where do I file a personal injury claim against a cruise line?

You must file your lawsuit in the state where the cruise line’s headquarters is located. This may be inconvenient for some litigants, but some of the largest cruise lines – Royal Caribbean, Carnival and Norwegian – are headquartered in the Port of Miami.

If you or a loved one have been injured on a cruise ship, you should strongly consider speaking with a skilled Miami auto accident lawyer as soon as possible.

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