Can I Sue for a Supermarket Accident in South Florida?

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supermarket accident south florida
supermarket accident south florida

Slip and falls occur rather frequently in grocery stores and supermarkets across South Florida. Many of these falls are attributed to something simple. However, even from a short distance, these falls can result in serious injuries. If you are injured at a South Florida supermarket or grocery store, you may be entitled to seek financial compensation from the responsible party. For more information on whether you can sue a supermarket for an accident in South Florida, please read on, then contact an experienced Miami supermarket liability lawyer today.

Do I qualify for compensation after a South Florida supermarket accident?

All stores have a duty of care or obligation to ensure their building and premises are safe for customers. This duty includes making sure that the location is clear of hazards and other dangers. Under Florida Statute 768.0755, if the supermarket or grocery store had either actual or constructive knowledge of a dangerous condition and failed to address it, a victim can hold them liable for any injuries sustained as a result.

What must you prove in a South Florida supermarket accident case?

The key to prevailing in a case is to have enough evidence to show that:

  • The supermarket or grocery store was negligent
  • That the supermarket or grocery store failed to address any dangers they either knew about or reasonably should have known about, and
  • That an injury occurred as a direct result of that negligence

Needless to say, the burden of proving all these elements is on the injured victim.

How do you prove your supermarket accident case?

Many supermarkets, especially the larger chains, have security cameras all over the premises, inside and outside. This security footage can provide valuable evidence in your case. Evidence and witnesses, along with a skilled Miami slip and fall lawyer, will be crucial to winning your case.

If you are injured at a South Florida supermarket, you should:

  • Take pictures of your injuries and the hazardous conditions that caused your fall
  • Get the names and contact information of any witnesses who saw you fall
  • Speak with the manager on duty, ensuring that the store knows:
    • What happened
    • Why it happened
    • How it happened
  • Request a copy of the security footage from the store, showing the time before the accident as well as the time during and after.
  • Receive medical attention in a timely manner

To give your case the greatest likelihood of success, it is vital that you take the above steps. Otherwise, the store and their insurance company may find a reason to reduce or deny your claim

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