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Who Pays When an At-Fault Driver Flees the Scene of the Accident?

Miami is not unaccustomed to tragic hit-and-run cases. In late September, in fact, Miami-Dade police captain Tyrone White—father of New England Patriots running back James White—was killed in a car crash which involved a driver fleeing the scene. Captain White was driving with his wife Lisa in their Volkswagen at the time. Lisa White […]

Liability in a Car Wreck Is Not Always a Matter of Driver Negligence

When people think about car accidents, they probably think about a driver making poor decisions or making a driving error. But the cause of a car wreck can be due to a variety of other external factors through no-fault of the drivers involved in the accident.

These types of accidents can be very complicated and […]

Do Miami Roads Need a Bike Safety Overhaul?

Accidents involving bicycles can result in catastrophic injuries for the victims. Many who survive these tragic accidents will need years of special medical attention like skin grafts, regular scans, and physical therapy. Of course, bicycle accidents can be prevented with the help of responsible drivers and riders. But there are times when city roads […]

Who Will Have to Pay for My Injuries in a Commercial Trucking Accident?

Every driver of a motor vehicle bears the responsibility to hit the road with a conscientious mindset. And few drivers understand the amount of caution necessary for safe driving like commercial truck drivers. Unfortunately, despite their experience and expertise, operators of commercial vehicles are not exempt from mistakes or other actions that can lead […]

When Auto Accidents and Premises Liability Cases Collide

While all car accidents come with their own unique circumstances, they typically do not involve another’s property. When they do, they bring in an array of complications for the property owner, the involved drivers, and especially the injured parties. Common questions may include: Whose insurance company pays for injuries and other damages? What are […]

What Happens If I Get Hit by a Self-Driving Car?

Lately, it seems our world is moving faster than many of us had expected. Between face scanning cell phones and home automation systems that you can control with your voice, it’s as if the late 2010s technology pulled us into a utopian novel. Now, with the spread of COVID-19 and health concerns at the […]

Is It Safe to Take an Uber in Miami During COVID-19?

Rideshare apps like Uber and Lyft have sprung onto the transportation scene only in the last decade or so. For a fare competitive with that of a taxicab, you can get from point A to point B simply by tapping and swiping on your phone a few times. 

Of course, when ridesharing’s popularity rose as […]

Boats Beware – Miami Personal Injury Attorney News

Miami Personal Injury Attorney News: With summer in full swing in Miami, boating season is here and going strong. Heading out to sea is fun, but there’s a high risk of accidents happening. The most common type of boating accident is when two crafts collide. Also common is boat collisions with fixed objects, such […]

Parasailing Personal Injury Attorney in Miami

Parasailing Personal Injury Attorney in Miami News: Watersports and water activities can be fun, but they can also lead to extremely tragic accidents. We’ve written previously about the dangers of airboats in the Everglades, many of which result from a lack of inspection and regulation. Sadly, other water activities also suffer from the same […]

Ridesharing Scooter – Miami Personal Injury Lawyer News

Miami Personal Injury Lawyer News: A new day, a new rideshare, a new challenge. Dockless electric scooters popped up around Miami without warning this April. The scooters, placed around the city by Lime and later by Bird, are the latest in rideshare tech. The electric scooters can be picked up from wherever they are by commuters […]

Roller Coaster Derailed – Miami Personal Injury Attorney News

Roller Coaster Derailed – Miami Personal Injury Attorney News: Last week in Daytona Beach, a roller coaster car derailed, causing injuries to nine people and sending them to the hospital. When the car derailed, two passengers were thrown 34 feet to the ground and another had to hold on until emergency services was able […]

Trouble at the Urinal – Miami Personal Injury Lawyer News

Miami Personal Injury Lawyer News: Cornai Orr isn’t the first child to get hurt at a park, but he may be the first to get hurt because of a urinal. Earlier this week, Orr was using the bathroom at Crandon Park when the urinal he was at fell off the wall, smashed his foot, […]

Crane Collapse – Personal Injury Lawyer in Miami

Personal Injury Lawyer in Miami News: A crane operator contracted by Florida Power and Light (FPL) was in his crane when it fell over onto two homes in Lauderhill. He and one of the homeowners suffered injuries and were both transported to the hospital for treatment. It is unknown why the crane fell, but […]

Got Milk? Tanker Truck Accidents – Miami Personal Injury Lawyer

Miami Personal Injury Lawyer News: Tanker truck accidents are some of the most dangerous types of accidents, especially because of their cargo. Tanker trucks are large commercial trucks that carry liquid cargo, typically thousands of gallons worth. Often the liquid being carried is flammable or hazardous, creating even more danger for other drivers.

Sometimes though, the cargo […]

Dog Bites and Liability – Miami Personal Injury Lawyer News

Miami Personal Injury Lawyer News: This week a local family lost their baby girl when one of the family dogs mauled her. The little girl was only 8 months old and was playing in a bouncy chair at her grandma’s house when the dog got loose and attacked her.

Sadly, these attacks aren’t all that rare. Every […]

Who Let the Bees Out – Miami Auto Accident Attorney

Miami Auto Accident Attorney News: Car accidents can be scary and result in multiple injuries, but an accident in Massachusetts had people walking away with more than just whiplash or fractures. This past weekend a head on collision between a Ford station wagon and a Chevy sedan was caused by none other than, bees.

The insects were […]

School Bus Safety – Miami Auto Accident Attorney

Miami Auto Accident Attorney News: School buses are supposedly one of the safest modes of transportation, but just last week two people died when a school bus and a dump truck collided on a highway in New Jersey. The official cause of the accident is still uncertain, but most sources claim that it was […]

Drugs and Disaster – Personal Injury Attorney Miami

Personal Injury Attorney Miami News: Recently, Florida has been facing an immense drug addiction problem, much of which stems from prescription opioids. As a result of this issue, Pam Bondi, the Florida Attorney General, has filed a lawsuit against companies that manufacture and distribute opioids.

Bondi filed the suit against the companies for billions of […]

Keyless Cars – A Dangerous Convenience – Miami Personal Injury Lawyer News

Miami Personal Injury Lawyer News: According to the New York Times, keyless ignition vehicles have been causing carbon monoxide poisoning. The vehicles, which start at the push of a button, don’t always indicate that they’re still on. Some keyless ignition cars do beep and otherwise indicate that they are on, but there is no strict regulation […]

Yesterday’s Laws, Today’s Accidents, Tomorrow’s Tech – Miami Auto Accident Lawyer

Miami Auto Accident Lawyer News: As technology advances, our legal standards quickly become outdated. Now, perhaps more than ever, the changes in technology are having immense impacts on personal injury law. Yesterday’s accidents are being caused by tomorrow’s technology.

Let’s consider a few examples; first let’s look to car accidents involving self-driving cars. The National Highway Traffic Safety […]