Your Hand Sanitizer May Not Be as Safe as You Think

In a time when the world is especially attuned to cleanliness, companies supplying disinfectants bear more responsibility than ever to maintain the integrity of their supply. Unfortunately, the safety of the consumer doesn’t outweigh the almighty dollar for some companies and, consequently, consumers are being put at risk for serious injury.


Recently, the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) placed an import alert on all alcohol-based hand sanitizers coming from Mexico. Since the recent flux of demand for hand sanitizers, due to the coronavirus pandemic, some hand sanitizers from Mexico were found to be contaminated with methanol. In fact, in the latter eight months of 2020, nearly 85% of alcohol-based hand sanitizers from Mexico were not compliant with the regulations of the FDA.

What Happens When You Come in Contact with Methanol?

Methanol-based products are used in acrylics, adhesives, and synthetic fibers. Even formaldehyde derives from methanol. When the skin absorbs it, methanol can be toxic and life-threatening. According the to the FDA, exposure to methanol-contaminated hand sanitizer may result in:


  • Issues with the nervous system
  • Vomiting
  • Nausea
  • Blindness or blurred vision
  • Cardiac effects
  • Hospitalizations
  • Possibly death


The FDA recommends anyone who believes they have come in contact with methanol-contaminated sanitizer to reach out to their local poison control center.

What Can a Person Do If They’ve Been Hurt by a Compromised Product?

Whenever a product compromises the safety of the consumer and generates significant losses, consumers have a right to claim damages for the company’s negligence. After having seen a doctor and documented the harm done from the product, injured parties should reach out to a personal injury attorney to better understand the scope of their situation.

How Lawyers Help in Product Liability Cases

In an open-and-shut injury claim, you would seek compensation through the insurer of the company responsible for your product-related injury. If the claim is successful, you would then obtain financial recompense that would cover your medical expenses. However, “open-and-shut” is quite rare without legal aid. 


The simple fact is that insurance companies will try to provide the least possible compensation for your injuries – not necessarily out of spite or because they don’t care. It’s their job to assess your situation and determine the lowest amount they can give you. 


However, it’s a product liability attorney’s job to then negotiate with the insurer and seek the most possible compensation for you. While you may know a thing or two about the harm done to you, you likely don’t consider the vast number of effects your injury will have on you long-term both physically and financially. Losses may range from missing work time or even a lost career (if the effects are that devastating) to a complete loss of life.


Consider the potential effects of methanol as previously mentioned. If you develop issues with your central nervous system, but the harm hasn’t reached its full potential yet, how would an insurer know to compensate you for it? Perhaps most importantly, attorneys bring this to every case: investigative prowess with your success in mind.

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