Carpool Redesigned: A Florida Woman Takes Carpool To Whole New Depths

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A Florida woman takes carpool to whole new depths in a good reminder to always check your car’s gear. Earlier this month, a woman forgot to shift her car into park while she ran back to her apartment for something she’d forgotten. The car rolled down the incline it was on and into a pool. Inside the vehicle were the woman’s husband and daughter, who escaped unscathed. Officers joked that she had redefined carpool, and we tend to agree.

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Happily, only the car was damaged, but this incident serves as a good reminder to pay attention behind the wheel. There could have been much worse outcomes in this situation that could have led to injuries along with civil charges.

Negligence as a driver and a parent don’t exclusively require active choices. Forgetting to put a car into park while it is still on could have caused an accident with pedestrians, other vehicles, and even the passengers inside. If such a serious accident had occurred, the woman would have been held responsible for her carelessly failing to put her car in park.

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