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It’s no secret that motorcycle accidents are some of the most serious collisions on the road. Though they make up only 3% of the total vehicles on the road in the United States, motorcycles account for 14% of motor vehicle deaths. Unfortunately, Miami is still one of the worst cities in America for these accidents. That said, a Miami motorcycle accident lawyer from Aigen Injury Law can help you seek compensation for wrongful death and other motorcycle accident claims. Aigen Injury Law provides legal assistance to the residents of Miami and the greater South Florida area. When you need accident attorneys who understand the complex nature of motorcycle injury cases, our knowledgeable team is here to help. Contact us today

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Miami

At Aigen Injury Law, we are backed by years of experience. Not only have we helped our clients recover millions in compensation, but we also truly care about you and your well-being. If you have been involved in a motorcycle accident, our team will fight for your interests. We are committed to our clients, and do everything in our power to help the victims of accidents recover money for medical bills, damaged property, and more.

We know that the period after an accident can be difficult to navigate. If you have questions about what steps you should take or if you are eligible for financial compensation, please reach out to a Miami motorcycle accident lawyer from our office. We are happy to provide a free consultation to evaluate your motorcycle injury claim and determine if you have a viable case.

How Do I Prove I Am Not Responsible for My Motorcycle Accident?

There are many causes of motorcycle accidents, and the majority result in catastrophic injuries to the rider. Victims of accidents can use police reports, eyewitness testimonials, and traffic camera footage to establish blame. Your attorney might also choose to have an expert reconstruct the crash or to use medical records.

As motorcycle accident attorneys in Miami, we will also look at traffic regulations specific to Florida. No matter what, the evidence must show that the other driver was negligent or in violation of the law.

Who Is Liable for Damages in a No-Contact Motorcycle Accident?

When a driver causes a motorcycle rider to crash because they were driving negligently or violating the law, that driver is liable even if there was no collision.

The process for determining liability in a no-contact accident is similar to that of a contact accident. An experienced motorcycle accident lawyer in Miami will collect all the necessary evidence and build a case on your behalf.

Am I Eligible for Compensation if I Am the at-Fault Driver for My Motorcycle Accident?

Your Miami motorcycle accident lawyer will help you correctly establish who was at fault for the accident. It is necessary to gather all of the facts and evidence before deciding who is to blame.

Even if an accident was partially due to your driving, you could still be eligible to receive compensation. Speaking with an experienced Miami auto accident lawyer is critical in determining liability and whether you may have a valid personal injury claim.

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Ensuring that the victim of a motorcycle accident is adequately compensated for their injuries and damages is a difficult task. Not only will you need to deal with the at-fault party, but you may end up at odds with your own insurance company. It is important to have an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer who is capable of identifying the pertinent details of the case in your corner. Contact Aigen Injury Law today to schedule your free initial consultation.