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Every property owner bears the responsibility of maintaining a safe environment for everyone on their property. When structures like stairways, parking garages, and even entire buildings collapse, the potential for serious injuries and human loss is great. If you or a loved one have recently been injured or sustained loss of life due to a structural collapse, your best chance at seeking financial compensation is to first contact an experienced Miami structural collapse lawyer from Aigen Injury Law.

You Need a Structural Collapse Lawyer in Miami Who Will Fight for the Maximum Compensation

Whether you and your loved ones are seeking recompense for a wrongful death or for catastrophic injuries, we have the resources necessary to support structural collapse claims. And if we can’t help you reach a sufficient settlement with the appropriate insurance company, know that we have extensive experience pursuing claims in court when necessary.

At Aigen Injury Law, we provide personal injury representation for structural collapse victims across Miami-Dade County and even throughout South Florida. We understand that cases like these require an investigative mindset and an informed approach to prove negligence on the part of those responsible.

With successful trial cases behind us and in-depth knowledge of Florida personal injury law, we’re well-prepared to help you pursue what you need for reparations. Don’t proceed without an experienced Miami-Dade County personal injury attorney in your corner.

Causes of Structural Collapses

Often, these accidents occur because structures are not up to federal and state codes. When responsible parties fail to adhere to laws and industry regulations, they put guests and workers at risk. Unfortunately, the state of Florida is no stranger to structural collapses, such as the Surfside condominium catastrophe of 2021. In many cases, structural collapses are a result of property owner negligence, however, they can also be caused by unsafe structural designs or material manufacturers. This is why it is so important that you have an experienced Miami structural collapse lawyer on your side who can assess the circumstances of your injury and work to bring a claim against the appropriate party.

Proving Your Injury Claim

An individual or group may be considered negligent if there’s proof that they owed a specific duty and that they failed to reasonably uphold that duty. Of course, after sustaining an injury, the most important thing is that you receive immediate medical treatment. However, if you can, you should try to document the

Types of Damages in Personal Injury Claims

Typically, a successful structural collapse case will lead to compensation for lost income, medical and funeral expenses, pain and suffering, and more depending on the case. These damages are known as economic and non-economic damages, and they are designed to help accident victims move forward with their lives after sustaining injuries due to the negligence of others.

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Founder and attorney, Scott Aigen, Esq., has years of experience representing personal injury victims in a wide range of case types. When we take a case, we bring serious knowledge and dynamic strategies to each step of the claims process. We also offer contingency-based fees, meaning we don’t charge you legal fees unless you collect compensation. Contact Aigen Injury Law today to schedule your initial consultation with our firm.