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Death by super magnet seems like the type of headline one would find on the Onion, but last week it was found in the Miami Herald. Specifically the headline read: “Man Dies After Being Sucked Into MRI Machine,” after a freak accident in Mumbai resulted in Rajesh Maru’s death when he was sent for an MRI. MRI machines, which use a magnetic field, are the cause of over 300 injuries in the US alone. Compared to the millions of MRIs performed in the U.S. each year, the number of injuries and accidents is negligible in the eyes of the medical community. For those who are affected, however, the number of injuries doesn’t impact the pain of experiencing one.

More on MRI injuries and accidents

MRI injuries and accidents may be as minimal as allergic reactions to the contrast used or as drastic as projectile events, such as Mr. Maru’s, which can lead to death. Projectile events occur when a medical facility allows metal into an MRI room and turn on the machine.

When an MRI machine is on it acts as a super magnet, attracting all metal in the room. If the projectile is heavy enough it will trap and crush anything caught between it and the machine. In the case of Mr. Maru, the hospital allowed him to take his oxygen tank into the MRI room, assuming the machine was off. Sadly, the MRI machine was turned on and pulled in Mr. Maru’s oxygen tank. The tank sucked Mr. Maru into the machine and crushed him while also pushing too much oxygen into his lungs and suffocating him.

While accidents from MRI procedures, such as Rajesh Maru’s, are uncommon they do happen, as do more minor injuries. Every medical procedure has some risk, and it is up to the hospital or medical facility to diminish that risk, if they don’t they may be found liable for negligence.

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