Scott Aigen Secures A Record $4 Million Dollar Settlement for Girl with Severed Spine

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Miami—May 24, 2022 – Scott Aigen, of Aigen Injury Law, and co-counsel are proud to announce a record $4 million dollar settlement with Miami-Dade County resulting from tragic injuries sustained by their client, an infant, whose spinal cord was severed in a crash caused by a police cruiser that was speeding through an intersection, leading to paralysis.

On May 20, 2022, Governor Ron DeSantis signed the claim bill, thereby appropriating $3.8 million in damages in addition to the $200,000 the County had previously paid. This is the largest claim that has ever been paid by Miami-Dade County. Scott is confident that this money will immensely improve his client’s quality of life and allow her to get the medical and nursing care that she will desperately need.

This catastrophic collision occurred on October 6, 2016, at an intersection where the stoplights were not working due to power failure caused by Hurricane Matthew. Liability was disputed by Miami-Dade County, and after three years of hard-fought litigation, the County agreed to pay the statutory limits of $200,000 and further agreed not to contest the $3.8 million claim bill.

From there, the struggle continued for the bill’s approval from the County Attorney, the Miami-Dade County Mayor, the Circuit Judge, the Florida House of Representatives, the Florida Senate, and finally the Governor. This was an exceptional result in a very difficult case, and it was the product of hard work, a winning strategy, and steadfast dedication to our client.

Scott Aigen, Esq. is an active member of the Florida Justice Association and has been given distinct honors by the Florida Super Lawyers association. He has litigated numerous personal injury cases, representing both defendants and plaintiffs, throughout the state of Florida.
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