What You Should Know About Pedestrian Accidents in South Florida

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pedestrian accidents south florida
pedestrian accidents south florida

Thanks in large part to beautiful weather year-round, everything you could possibly need or want being in a relatively small geographical area, urban congestion and the unreliability of other transportation options, many Miamians walk to and from work, home, school, the stores they frequent and other locations. Some even walk or jog for exercise. As such, there are countless reasons for pedestrians to fill our city’s streets. Unfortunately, pedestrians still face a number of perils that may lead to serious injuries resulting in physical, financial and emotional burdens. If you or a loved one have faced this firsthand, please read on, then contact an experienced Miami pedestrian accident lawyer to learn what you should know about pedestrian accidents in South Florida.

What leads to pedestrian accidents in South Florida?

Many varied reasons lead to pedestrian accidents, but some of the most common include the following:

  • Drivers incorrectly perceiving risk: When they engage in unsafe driving behaviors, drivers do not often consider how that affects pedestrian safety. Impairments to a driver’s ability to recognize the risk of colliding with a pedestrian include familiarity with travel routes, alcohol and cell phone usage.
  • Vehicle traveling at a high rate of speed: Drivers reduce the amount of time they have to react to obstacles when they speed. Speeding can lead to devastating injuries even in the absence of other conditions.
  • The volume of traffic: The risk for a collision increases dramatically the greater the number of vehicles on the road and the more pedestrians are in the street.
  • The type of vehicle: It takes bigger vehicles longer to fully stop and they have the capability to inflict more severe damage to pedestrians.
  • Distracted drivers: Drivers have a greater likelihood of hitting pedestrians if they fail to check blind spots, run red lights and engage in other dangerous actions.
  • The physical environment: Pedestrians can sustain debilitating injuries as a result of inadequate crossing devices, lack of midblock crosswalks, road width, poor timing, poor sidewalk conditions, absence of sidewalks and sidewalk capacity.

You should reach out to a skilled Miami auto accident lawyer no matter who hit you, when they hit you, what injuries you incurred or how you incurred them. A qualified legal representative will fight to hold all of the negligent parties – individual, corporate and municipal – responsible for their negligence so they pay you the compensation you deserve. It will not be easy, but we can handle the legal work. So, please give us a call today.

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