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Car accidents can be scary and result in multiple injuries, but an accident in Massachusetts had people walking away with more than just whiplash or fractures. This past weekend a head on collision between a Ford station wagon and a Chevy sedan was caused by none other than, bees. The insects were being transported in the Ford by their beekeeper and two other men, when a few escaped and stung him. The police believe it was the stings that caused the beekeeper to crash into the Chevy, leaving the two cars stranded with front-end damage. The bees escaped because of the crash and proceeded to sting all those in the area.

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Five people were hospitalized because of the accident, including a four-year-old boy and his parents who were in the Chevy. The occupants of the Ford were also hospitalized, except for the beekeeper who refused treatment, instead choosing to chase the bees in order return them to their hive. When the police arrived on the scene they were also attacked by the bees, but thankfully no one had to be hospitalized due to the stings.

There are very few regulations for the transport of bees within the United States, so it is uncertain that the beekeeper violated any law or standard during his transport. Even if the driver didn’t explicitly violate any laws by transporting the bees as he did, he is still liable for crash. The driver carries clear liability for the collision, the cause of which was his own negligence with his cargo. Those in the beekeeper’s car can file for damages against the beekeeper along with the family that was hit in the Chevy.

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