You were hit in a hit and run, or maybe you just saw the hit and run, now what do you do?

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Well, what you DON’T do is follow the example of the mob that went after a driver who supposedly hit multiple cars before driving away on Biscayne Blvd this week. The enraged group went after the driver and his car, when he refused to stop and pulled away into traffic. Among those who tried to stop the driver was a man with a sledgehammer. That man proceeded to batter the car with his sledgehammer and possibly shatter a window. Still, the driver refused to stop and fled the scene of the accident where he’d hit multiple cars. Miami police said there were no injuries and encourage people not to follow the example of chasing after someone fleeing a hit and run. If you are in a similar accident and the only action you can think to take is chasing down the other driver, below are some safer, more legal alternatives.

What You Should Do After An Accident

When you’re hit first stop and take account of yourself and any passengers. Make sure you are all conscious and able to exit the vehicle. Also check the state of the car, if there seems to be any danger of fire exit the vehicle safely and quickly.

Once you know you’re safe check the other driver, if they’ve fled the accident don’t chase them down, just call the police and explain what happened. If you see anyone might have caught the accident on their phone or seen the license plate of the other driver ask if they can wait for the police or give you their information. Witnesses are always good.

Now that the cops have been called take photos of the accident and any injuries. When the police and ambulance arrive tell them what happened and let the paramedics check out everyone who was in your car. Even if you feel fine you might have suffered an injury, do whatever they tell you to and consider checking in with your general practitioner.

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