Negligent Scuba Operators Put Customers at Risk

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As of 2020, Florida holds the most open water certifications for scuba diving in the United States. Recreational scuba diving attracts people from all of the world to Florida’s coasts. Unfortunately, certification for scuba diving is sometimes handed out by businesses on a whim and to those who are woefully unprepared to go in open ocean water. Consequently, Florida also leads in injury and wrongful death arising from scuba diving accidents. Injuries from scuba diving could stem from failure to abide by the ‘buddy system’, malfunctioning equipment, improper training, improper supervision, unsafe water conditions, touching fire coral, and boat collisions. This list does not encompass all of the different ways one could get injured from a scuba diving accident. Aigen Injury Law, P.A. analyzes the nuances of each and every case to determine the cause of all scuba accidents. 

More on Scuba Diving Accidents

On March 31, 2021, one young boy was airlifted to Nicklaus Children’s Hospital after a near-death scuba diving incident at Looe Key Reef. Like many who visit the Florida Keys, the boy and his family embarked on a commercial dive boat exploring the Key. The family was visiting Florida from Rochester, Minnesota. The group was in the water for approximately 35 minutes until everyone, except the boy, surfaced.  Unbeknownst to the scuba instructors, the boy blacked out in the water and began convulsing. To date, the boy is in stable condition at the hospital. 

Patrons of scuba diving companies tend to be as safe as the dive company is competent. Sadly, many companies are not competent and fail to follow the U.S. Coast Guard regulations when it comes to recreational diving. Florida law requires the display of diving flags as well as diving distancing for boaters and snorkelers. If a dive company fails to adhere to these requirements or is otherwise negligent in their supervision, or in the equipment they provide, they may be held liable for the subsequent injuries of the diver.

In the event of a tragic accident, such as the incident in the Looe Key Reef, the Aigen Injury Law would immediately begin an investigation of the facts and circumstances to determine the cause of the injuries and if safety rules and regulations were followed or ignored. Every potentially culpable party, from the scuba diving company to the equipment manufacturer, would be closely examined to determine who may be liable for the incident. Oftentimes, a thorough investigation by a competent Miami personal injury attorney will reveal several safety violations and carelessness that leads directly to catastrophic injuries or death. Contact Aigen Law for a free case review of your scuba diving negligence case.