A Miami Personal Injury Lawyer’s Guide to A Safe Selfie

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Your hair is done just right, you look good and you just have to share. So, you take out your phone and start snapping a selfie or two – or twenty. According to TIME, Miami is the third most popular city for selfies in the world and one study found that the U.S. is the country with the third most selfie deaths (the number of injuries is unknown). In fact, the past few years have seen a sharp increase in selfie-related accidents, ranging from electrocution to falling off a cliff. Russia has gone so far as to issue a pamphlet on how to take a safe selfie after two military officers were killed taking a selfie with a grenade. India has introduced “no selfie zones” because of how many selfie-related accidents and deaths they had.

How to Take a Safe Selfie

Because of all these accidents, our offices want you to remember these 4 things when taking your selfies:

  1. Selfie while driving? Bad idea.  Tough to get the right angle and keep your eyes on the road at the same time.  Our advice – just wait till you’re parked and get that picture without the risk of causing injuries.
  2. Selfie while walking? Please don’t. Taking selfies while you walk can cause you to miss warning signs and fall or otherwise get hurt and we can’t often help you. If you aren’t taking a selfie and get injured walking because of unmarked hazards, give us a call.
  3. Selfie while getting on to an elevator, walking on stairs, or using an escalator? Refer to bullet point two. We don’t want you to have an accident because of your Snapchat streak.
  4. Selfie while biking, boarding, or rollerblading? Be careful, especially in Miami. Between dangerously distracted drivers and poor road conditions any of those activities is high risk, adding in a selfie is an accident and serious injury just waiting to happen.

Please selfie responsibly.

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