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A serious slip or trip and fall can land a person in the hospital and contending with astronomical costs for months or years afterward. If you’ve recently been injured on a sidewalk due to no fault of your own, you should contact a Miami sidewalk accidents lawyer from Aigen Injury Law today. Our firm is here to help you obtain the compensation you deserve.

Common Causes of Sidewalk Accidents

Sidewalk accidents are far from uncommon. In fact, injuries stemming from sidewalk accidents are among the most frequent subjects of premises liability claims. Though sidewalk accidents are sometimes a result of pedestrians simply failing to watch where they’re walking, this is far from always the case. Often, sidewalk accidents are caused by poorly-maintained sidewalks. Just some of the most common hazardous sidewalk conditions are as follows:

  • Uneven pavement
  • Potholes in sidewalks
  • Weather-related hazards
  • Protruding tree roots
  • Cracks in sidewalks
  • Debris left on sidewalks

If you were hurt because of any of these conditions and incurred significant damages as a result, such as being unable to return to work, you will most likely have a valid personal injury claim. Our Miami slip and fall lawyer can help you assess your situation and determine whether there is a clear legal path going forward.

Property Owner Responsibilities

Property owners in Miami have a legal obligation to ensure their properties are safe for others. Failing to live up to these responsibilities can have legal ramifications, especially when someone is injured because of a property owner’s negligence. In Florida, if a person can prove that a property owner either knew or should have known about certain unsafe conditions present, failed to fix them, and a person was harmed as a result, that person may be entitled to compensation.

Proving that you were injured because of unsafe property conditions isn’t always easy. This is why after an accident, you should call 911, especially if you sustained serious injuries, such as broken bones, a concussion, or otherwise. Doing so will send an ambulance to the scene and warrant a police report. You should also ensure that after you receive medical treatment, you make a point to speak with a Miami sidewalk accidents lawyer at once. Our firm can help you collect all of the evidence you need to satisfy the burden of proof in your premises liability claim.

Time Limits on Taking Legal Action in Miami

The statute of limitations for pursuing legal action after an injury in Florida is four years. In most cases, accident victims legally have four years from the date they’re injured to sue the party responsible for their injuries. However, this statute of limitations is subject to change depending on the circumstances surrounding each particular case.

For example, when a person is injured on property owned by the city, the statute of limitations to file a Notice of Claim is three years. Most sidewalks in Florida are owned by municipalities or cities. This is why accident victims should simply take legal action as soon as they are physically capable of doing so.

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