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A now common plastic surgery in south Florida for some individuals has been a complete nightmare for others. Just recently, a medical examiner’s report released last Monday, listed the cause of death for a women from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, as an embolism who died during a Brazilian butt lift procedure in Florida. According to a Miami Personal Injury Lawyer, this is not the only women to die because of this procedure, but in fact, was the fourth person to die since 2013 at the same location as a result from complications of cosmetic surgery. The Miami-Herald newspaper reported that the location, which performed this medical procedure, has operated under several names since 2013. This supposed surgery center, which is causing substantial injury and wrongful deaths, current name is Jolie Plastic Surgery Center, located in a strip mall where other businesses are located. The woman who died during this procedure, Kizzy London, was only 40 years old as well as being a mother of two. Mrs. London flew from Louisiana to Miami for the butt augmentation surgery where she wrongfully died during the procedure. The official autopsy report listed Mrs. London’s death as an accident caused by “fat embolism associated with liposuction and fat transfer.”

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The Miami-Herald, citing records from the Florida Department of Health, reported the doctor who performed the surgery is not board certified in any specialty. Even worse, the supposed doctor does not carry any medical malpractice insurance in case a situation such as death or personal injury arises during a medical procedure.

According to the Miami-Herald, the surgery center has been a popular place for people looking for low-cost plastic surgery and people often fly in from out-of-state to get procedures performed there. Mrs. London was one of these individuals who attempted to get a Brazilian butt lift from a different state for a reasonable price. Mrs. London’s husband told television station WSVN that London had been researching the surgery and trip to Florida for at least a year.

Given the continuous injuries and deaths at the behest of this surgical center, is someone going to hold Jolie Plastic Surgery Center liable? You would hope so considering there are four deaths on their hands by a doctor who is not even board certified for any specialty, including plastic surgery. Someone at this surgical center should be held liable for personal injuries and/or wrongful death.

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