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Tanker truck accidents are some of the most dangerous types of accidents, especially because of their cargo. Tanker trucks are large commercial trucks that carry liquid cargo, typically thousands of gallons worth. Often the liquid being carried is flammable or hazardous, creating even more danger for other drivers. Sometimes though, the cargo is a little more innocuous. Early in the morning on June 5th, there was a tanker truck accident in New Hampshire. Thankfully there were no fatalities and only the driver was injured. The tanker rolled over, landing on its side and spilling out its cargo – approximately 4,000 gallons of milk. Officials took the driver to the hospital for treatment and are investigating what caused the rollover.

More on Tanker Truck Accidents

Most tanker truck accidents occur due to driver error, vehicle conditions, and the size of the load being transported. Drowsiness and inattentiveness cause about twenty percent of rollover accidents with tanker trucks. Improperly secured or oversized cargo and faulty equipment, such as brake failure, account for most of the other tanker truck accidents.

Truck drivers are responsible for the state of their equipment and ensuring they drive attentively. Accidents resulting from lack of care in either scope constitutes negligence on behalf of the driver. A driver is liable for the damage caused by any accident resulting from there negligence. This can include injuries because of inhalation of toxic fumes, fires, explosions, spin outs on the spilled cargo, and collisions.

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