How Long Does It Take to Settle a Florida Auto Accident Case?

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Originally published March 30, 2022. Updated September 19, 2023.
One of the most common car accident questions we get at Aigen Law is, “how long will it take to settle my case?” The short answer is: it depends. No two automobile accidents are the same, and there are an infinite number of circumstances that can influence the outcome.

Factors That Can Impact the Length of a Case

Typically, when estimating how long it will take for a Florida auto accident case to settle, we look at three variables:

  1. The party at fault
  2. The extent of the injuries
  3. Whether the case needs to go to court

Let’s examine each in more detail.

Who’s at Fault?

Sometimes it is immediately evident who is at fault in a collision, or the other party admitted responsibility without requiring an in-depth investigation.

When the fault is apparent, it can speed up the process. After all, a simple, straightforward case usually takes less time to settle. However, if determining liability is an issue that must be resolved first, it can drag the settlement process out significantly.

Though you can’t control how fast this process moves along, you can potentially influence it by providing as much detail and evidence as possible as we gather facts about the accident. Following your doctor’s orders by adhering to medical advice and attending all appointments can also go a long way toward proving your claim, especially if there’s any doubt about the extent of your injuries.

How Serious are the Injuries?

Injuries have the most impact on the time it takes to settle. Specifically, we’ll need to know whether you or anyone in the vehicle required hospitalization. Did anyone need surgery? If so, was there or will there be more than one surgery? Is the injury catastrophic? Is there a wrongful death involved?

For injuries that take months to heal, the time to achieve a settlement tends to take longer. The reason is that we don’t necessarily want to settle too quickly without having a thorough understanding of what your future medical expenses will be, and how your injury will affect your quality of life.

The more severe the injuries, the longer it might take to resolve the case. This is particularly true for catastrophic injuries or a wrongful death.

On average, a claim out of court can settle within three to six months, but we’ll need additional information before making a specific judgment call.

Does Your Case Have to Go to Court?

Filing a lawsuit and preparing for trial also takes time. This process is more drawn out than a case that settles out of court.

The cooperativeness of the other party’s insurance company can also affect the timeliness of reaching a settlement. It’s not unusual for insurance companies to use delay tactics and even try to deny payouts. It’s our job to move the process along and negotiate on your behalf to achieve fair compensation for your claim—in or out of court.

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