Liability in a Car Wreck Is Not Always a Matter of Driver Negligence

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When people think about car accidents, they probably think about a driver making poor decisions or making a driving error. But the cause of a car wreck can be due to a variety of other external factors through no-fault of the drivers involved in the accident. These types of accidents can be very complicated and more difficult to prove the at-fault party. It’s essential that you hire a Florida personal injury lawyer to guide you through the complicated details. We’ll explain three-car wreck causes that are not related to driver negligence. If you feel like your car accident was not a regular accident where driver negligence was involved, we’ll outline when it’s time to contact a car accident attorney.


Car manufacturers have a responsibility to do extensive testing to ensure their vehicles are safe for the roads. And if they do discover that something is defective about that vehicle after they’ve started selling it to consumers, they must put out a recall and notify customers clearly.

Likewise, all companies that make vehicle parts must ensure that these parts are safe for the road before selling them to consumers.

A recent accident in Detroit showcases the importance of parts companies avoiding defects. The tragic accident involved the death of a truck driver when a nearby vehicle experienced a tire defect causing it to crash into the truck. When the two vehicles collided, the accident forced the truck into the median and then overturned the truck.

In this case, driver negligence was not the cause of the accident. Instead, a defective product was the cause of the accident. In this case, both the family of the deceased truck driver and the driver of the other vehicle may pursue a personal injury lawsuit against the tire manufacturer.

Similar accidents have taken place on the roads due to faulty vehicle manufacturing or parts as well. This is another type of product liability case where the injured parties could pursue a lawsuit against the manufacturer for physical and mental damage from such an accident.


When you drop off your car to have it serviced by a trained mechanic, you’re trusting that they’ll do good work and return your car to a drivable state. Sometimes, mechanics make errors that lead to tragic accidents.

In these cases, the driver is not at-fault for the accident as they were not negligent in any way. Some of the large and apparent errors that mechanics make include:

  • Failing to install breaks correctly or reconnect breaks after completing work
  • Forgetting to replace or fully fill power steering fluid leading to an inability to control the vehicle
  • Incorrectly installing headlights or taillights or forgetting to reconnect them after doing work on the vehicle
  • Not replacing engine oil when doing an oil change, leading to an overheated engine or even an engine fire

Mechanics have a responsibility to ensure that drivers are safe once the mechanic returns the car to them. If their negligence or carelessness leads to your car accident, you should seek a Florida personal injury lawyer.


While drivers have a responsibility to respond to road conditions, there is also a certain expectation that municipalities will do their part to keep the roads safe.

Sometimes, poor road conditions that have been reported to the municipality multiple times can be the cause of a car accident. The municipality or other third party can be found at-fault for such accidents in certain situations.

Here’s a look at some of the ways poor road conditions can cause a car accident.

  • Unavoidable potholes that have grown so large they pose a danger to motorists
  • Uneven lanes where there is no signage or alerts for drivers
  • Poor street signage
  • Roads too narrow for traffic to pass safely
  • Debris in the road left behind by a construction company
  • A flag person or other individual directing traffic who does not give adequate or clear instruction for motorists
  • An insufficient shoulder on a roadway

These cases can be more difficult to prove than a standard negligent car accident case. Be sure that you contact an experienced car accident attorney to help you bring the at-fault party to justice and obtain the compensation you need for your losses.


Whether your car wreck is the result of another driver’s negligence or an outside third party, you should seek counsel from a Florida personal injury lawyer immediately. Your lawyer will guide you in the proper next steps for your case and help you avoid being too hasty when dealing with the insurance company. Aigen Injury Law doesn’t charge anything until they earn you collect monetary damages, so it’s in your best interest to accept a free consultation if you’ve been involved in an accident. Schedule your free consultation today to get started.