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If you have ever walked, biked, or driven in Miami, then you have experienced the countless potholes, root-lifted and cracked sidewalks, fading paint lines, and exposed manhole covers. Miami is considered one of the most dangerous cities in the United States for pedestrians. With crumbling infrastructure and over enthusiastic plantlife pushing through pavement it’s no wonder. What is a wonder is that Miami hasn’t been cited as a liable party in more lawsuits.

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The reality is if you are injured because of a failure on the part of the City or County to maintain travel ways you can sue them for negligence. This is especially true if your accident leads to an severe injury or worse.

The government is responsible for maintaining the pathways we use so that they are safe for pedestrians, bicyclists, and drivers. When local governments choose not to install reasonable street lighting, traffic signals, pedestrian signals, and speed limits they take on some of the liability of the accidents that happen. The same is true when they choose not to maintain sidewalks and roads.

When an injury or accident is caused by the negligence of the government you still have recourse. Our local governments are meant to keep us safe from harm in our communities and they should be held accountable for failing to do so. If you have found that you or a family member may require a seasoned Miami Personal Injury attorney for an accident or injury due to poor road and sidewalk conditions, Aigen Injury Law, is here to assist you. We understand that in this moment, especially when there is a death or an injured individual, that litigation may not be on your mind. However, your lawyer at Aigen Injury Law will be available to guide you, protect your rights, answer all your questions, and fight to ensure that you maximize your recovery against all responsible parties.

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