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The Google platform for driving directions, Waze, is coming under serious heat from some government representatives. Waze, which functions as a GPS and real-time driving alert system routinely sends cars to the least backed up driving route. Recently, this has meant more and more drivers taking residential streets rather than main streets. Theoretically, this would be better for drivers, thereby diminishing the traffic on the main roadways. However, in reality, the roads to which drivers are being directed are not meant to withstand the amount of traffic they are getting.

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A councilman in Los Angeles, David Ryu, cites a narrow residential road, unintended for traffic, that now gets over 675 vehicle an hour due to directions set forth by Waze. The councilman also claims that the increased traffic is causing more accidents leading to personal injuries along with faster degradation of the road conditions.

The city of Los Angeles is currently considering how to hold Waze liable for the congestion and accidents caused by use of the app. As this is a new issue, Florida still doesn’t have specific laws to deal with it. However, if use of the app is found to have created the circumstances for an accident or injury, the company would likely have some liability under our current laws.

Accidents in Miami and throughout the country happen in all different ways.  Some of time, it is not so obvious as to who is responsible and why.  It is important to never overlook any of the facts as to how and why a particular accident happened and who the culpable parties may be.  If Waze is directing a large number of vehicles to enter largely residentially streets that are not intended for through-traffic and have no prior expectation or notice of traffic, this company may be liable when someone is injured in an accident.

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